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    Monique & Nile: “Kim McKinley Was Always Ready”


    My name is Monique, and I’m Nile, and we’d like to tell you why we have been happy working with Kim McKinley of McKinley Sales. We hired Kim for the sale of our house and I guess it’s important to say why we picked this particular realtor.

    We’ve worked with many realtors before and we wanted someone who was honest, had a good reputation, was personable and felt would relate easily to other brokers and buyers [prospective buyers].

    So by instinct, mostly my instinct, we picked Kim and hoped that we would not be disappointed. In fact, she exceeded our expectations. She was wonderful from the beginning; helping us prepare the house for showing. Throughout the process she was always ready to give us advice, and the advice was always sound and helpful. We never felt pushed.

    She also was knowledgeable based upon experience. She’s generally unflappable, easy to work with… we had a good experience with her. She always gave us feedback whenever we needed something and we expressed it… she responded promptly.

    At the end throughout the closing process, she didn’t just sit there being pleasant. She was watching and reviewing every document, making sure that everything was in order.

    Her expertise and her knowledge of the real real estate world, particularly in this area, was most helpful to us. So we’ve really appreciated her and been happy.

    Buying or selling a house is truly a stressful experience. She couldn’t prevent all of the stress, but she certainly helped minimize it.

    I would agree with that; I easily stress out, but she was always ready to hold my hand and help.

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