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    Living with Wildlife

    The Roaring Fork Valley is home to more than bears

    Living in the mountains means sharing space with residents who have been here far longer than we have.  Black bears are the most well-known, and certainly the most exciting.  But there are other locals, as well. Mule deer wander throughout the valley, as well as ekl, which is why there are wire cages around trees, and very tall fences around garden plots.



    Wild Turkeys don’t look quite like Thanksgiving turkeys





    Yes, turkeys.  While usually hard to find, they can sometimes be seen in pastures and along roadways in winter.  And especially on hay bales.  They are mostly ground-dwelling birds, but do fly when startled.  Use caution when driving past them, in case they do take flight.  Hitting one would be like taking a bowling ball to your windshield.


    A member of the sneaky weasel family.

     Pine Martin



    While they can be fun to watch, remember that they ARE in the weasel family.  Curious, energetic, smart, patient, and conniving, they can  be fun to watch and help keep the rodent population in check.  But be warned: they can wreak havoc on trash left open, may mistake small cats and dogs for tasty squirrels, and can be very aggressive when cornered.


    Squirrels, chipmunks…..

    Squirrels of many descriptions






    Smaller rodents abound.  Quick and curious, they will be frequent visitors to your backyard.


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